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About Us

Innov8 Hub is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, with a mandate to groom INNOVATORS, INVENTORS, RESEARCHERS, CREATIVES, ENTREPRENEURS and VENTURE CREATORS; as well as inculcate the CULTURE of INNOVATION, CREATIVITY and ENTREPRENEURSHIP in Nigerians. We strategically aid and collaborate with organizations and individuals seeking to transform their ideas into inventions, inventions into solutions, solutions into enterprise.

Innov8 is a focal point for Innovation Startup Incubation, Technology Transfer, Knowledge and Skill Impartation, Prototype Development and Fabrication.
We strategically aid organizations and individuals seeking to transform their ideas into inventions, inventions into solutions, solutions into enterprises.
Through different programs and initiatives we bring together brilliant minds and gifted hands from across board, to whom we provide access to mentoring, expertise, enabling environment, and cutting-edge facilities needed to make their dreams come alive.



We aid individuals and organisations in transforming their ideas into invention, invention into solution, solution into enterprise. Innov8 Hub is the focal point for developing ideas into innovation and ventures.                                                         

Research & Development

At Innov8, we support organizations and individuals searching to find new ways of doing things, and to improve on existing innovations.


Our team of experts from around the world are available to guide, mentor and support innovators, entrepreneurs, and venture creators on their journey to new findings.

Entrepreneurship/Start-Up Incubation

The Hub is a platform for entrepreneurs to accelerate their enterprises, and for start-ups to be incubated for development and growth.

Prototype Development

Innov8 Hub facilitates the processes and procedures of prototype development and proof of concept for individuals and start-ups.

Human Capital Development

We offer capacity-building programs courses in several fields of expertise. Our programs impart beneficiaries with knowledge and skills as well as strategic direction for self-sustainability and development.

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Programs & Initiatives

TETFund Alliance for Innovative Research (TETFAIR)

TETFund Alliance For Innovative Research (TETFAIR) is an initiative of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund, in collaboration with Innov8 Hub. It is a year-long programme for researchers and academics in Government Universities across Nigeria, who have ideas they want to translate into innovation, solutions and enterprise.

Research for Impact (R4i) Initiative

TETFund in partnership with Innov8 implements R&D Capacity Building program for Academics and Researchers. Researchers, scholars and innovators will go through a 10-day intensive developmental program on R&D procedure, ideation and prototype development.


i-FAIR is an initiative of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

With the mandate to empower INNOVATORS, INVENTORS, ENTREPRENEURS, and VENTURE CREATORS in Nigeria…

E-Cube Rural Empowerment & Development Initiative

We deploy the ECube renewable energy facility, to rural and semi-urban areas; to empower and develop the communities, in terms of Energy, Health, Clean Water, Agriculture, Education, ICT, as well as create value chain for economic empowerment.

Intellectual Property Protection & Advisory

The Hub support individuals and organizations in achieving Intellectual Property awareness and protection. This is done through partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization, the
Nigerian Patent and Designs Registry and the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion.

Capacity Building & Human Capital Development

The platform offers a variety of courses in
technology, design, and entrepreneurship. Courses are delivered through a combination of online modules and in person workshops.

Creative Enterprise

Creative Art Department synchronizes a Synergy between Arts and Design using cutting edge state of the Art Equipment and Tools. This necessitates the transformation of Innovative ideas into compelling aesthetic finished products.
The Creative Arts…

Recycling & Upcycling

We create value from waste and build the capacity of individuals to create items of value and beauty out of waste materials, using modern technologies and techniques. Through our Experts, Technologies, Expertise and Facilities, to, and encourage people to…

Venture Creation & Start-Up Incubation

The venture programs department is committed to expanding investment opportunities for early-stage start-ups and businesses through tailored programs that provide…

Activities & News

Collaboration Hubs ecosystem

Fostering Innovation Through Collaborative Hub Ecosystems

Collaboration, Hubs & the ecosystem: Introduction Collaboration, Hubs & the ecosystem: Within today’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, fostering innovation and nurturing the growth of startups, SMEs, and the public sector hinges on the power of collaboration. At Innov8 Hub, we champion a

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R4i 11

R4i 11: Research for Impact Initiative Returns

Introducing R4i 11, the latest chapter of the Research for Impact (R4i) Initiative, hosted at Innov8 Hub. Collaboratively organized by TETFund and Innov8 Hub, this initiative shines a spotlight on Nigerian Academia, empowering them to shift their research from mere

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Innovation and Emotional Intelligence

R4i: Driving Innovation With Emotional Intelligence

The Research for Impact (R4i) Initiative, a collaborative effort between TETFund and Innov8 Hub, continues to spearhead a transformative impact within Nigerian Academia. With its primary objective being the enhancement of the innovative capabilities of lecturers and researchers in public

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R4i 10

Transforming Research into Innovation: R4i’s 10th Cohort Shines Bright

The grand finale of the 10th cohort of the Research for Impact Initiative unfolded in spectacular fashion at Innov8 Hub today. This groundbreaking initiative, a collaborative effort between TETFund and Innov8 Hub, has been making waves in the Nigerian academic sphere by equipping scholars with the tools, resources, and expertise needed to transform research into real-world solutions, aligning with global best practices.

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Model for Sustainable Rural Empowerment & Community Development Through Renewable Energy

Prototypes Developed at Innov8 Hub

Detailed information on developed prototypes in the Hub.


“This is the best partnership I have seen in academia. It has helped build my capacity to streamline ideas in a more structured manner. The knowledge transfer, networking, and relationships have given me light and I intend to take that light back with me to my institution.”
Engr. Nneoma Aneke

The University of Nigeria Nsukka

“So happy to be part of the 66 participants and as a team member of Team 18. I could say that I am not just an inventor but transitioning into an entrepreneur.”
Dr. Akinyemi Ogunkeyede

Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun

“R4i has been incredibly insightful. Before this, I knew little about innovation and educational technology, but now I understand the concept of innovation.”
Engr. Adebimpe Omolayo Esan (PhD)

Federal University, Oye-Ekiti

“The opportunity and experience gathered here has really shaped my ideas and innovation into a marketable form, which will ultimately have a great impact in my society”
Uchechukwu Josiah Ezeemo

Nnamdi Azikiwe University

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